Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Archive

Tom Selleck
Eric's boner and the stripper
Cliff notes theatre Leonard Skinner story
Greg Giraldo's death
how old is Robbie Timmins?
Survivor Naonka fight
Giraldo and Shatners wife

Konstantin's cousin peter
Travolta gay spas
Jersey Shore-Do women fight more?
loud commercials
Airport body scanners
Lincoln commercial
smoking in bars
Howard Cosell
Konstantin and Peter moroulis

Rutgers gay internet video suicide
missing banker
Drew wakes up nude on bathroom floor
chrysler workers drunk in park
Bearded lady
Maury "who's the father show"
Harris poll: Are Clevelanders stupidest in America?
auditioning amateur comedians to take on Eric the intern
Missing man found in Georgia

guy driving around with no pants
Detroit Symphony orchestra strike
Seymour Butts book
Anna Kournikova
Harris poll: Are Clevelanders stupidest in America? replay

New Beatles album
Ilitch buying the Pistons?
Interview owner of Sunshine the Maltese attacked by a coyote
call Hotel worker caught trying on coworkers pantys
Red Tube bar prank calls
Playboy twin Karissa Shannon interview
Athletes who have to shit-George Brett
Bruce Springsteen DVD
Liza Minelli Larry King

Rock photographer Mick Rock
Mickey Redmond
Brett Favre photos
Bill Burr
Major Hester-put off heart operation to watch UofM/MSU game

viewing Brett Favre photos
Cliff notes theatre Amy Fisher
Amy Fisher interview
Navarre interview
Jim Breuer interview Chris Farley
Erics stand up vs an amateur

Gay kissing in public use of the word gay
Governor debate
Eminem on 60 minutes
Johnny Spirit interview
MSU Um talk
update interview with Major Hester
Facebook and Catfish movie review
evil neighbour jennifer petkov huntingtons disease girl
Brett Favres junk
Dearborn under islamic law
Bill Burr Gay bit
Disney hijab update
Trapped miners released

Channel 7 getting rid of old reporters
Mickey Mantles & Brett Favre penis
Dearborn under islamic law
Immigrants not wanting to assimilate
Welfare fraud
75 year old man beats off robber
Will Arnett interview
Bad car accident
Arnold Schwarzenegger old bodybuilding films
Steve O interview
John Denver death

Kirk Maltby retirement
Miners rescued
Cougar in Troy
evil neighbour jennifer petkov huntingtons disease girl update and origin of feud
Slash interview
Listeners in the doghouse
Max Weinberg
Rumeal Robinson rips off mother
Letters to the editor
Squatters and welfare bridge cards

jabalee murders
Penis ring toss employee lawsuit
Sout Park mocks Jersey Shore
doghouse stories for roses
little league football controversies
Looney Tunes "can't wait to masturbate "
Obama member of chicago bathhouse
Ian Halperin book Arnold Schwarzenegger
Celebrity toilet breaks Miley Cyrus braless
cougar sightings in troy
75 year old man beats off robber replay
Kanye sending out nude pics
movies cocaine fuelled jeep ride

Justin Bieber
Travolta gay spa book
hollywood gossip Kelsey Grammer, David Arquette, Mariah Carey, Tom Cruise, Kid Rock impersonator
Bugs and tampon in cereal
Raid on Imam
O'Reilly walkout on the view
tampon in cereal phone call bratty kid answers phone
Robbie Timmins retirement
Eric Smith call
Jobalee murders
Imam shot
50 most powerful people in  entertainment

Fox networks on cable and satellite
Rolling Stones Keith Richards discussion
crime victims not receiving their compensation
Miners splitting the money
sports agent wannabe
Tony Dow call attempt
Missing banker found dead
Mikes duck farts
Jerry Mathers  interview Barbara Billingsley death

Brett Favre and Football players doing erectile dysfunction commercials
Justin Bieber Laser tag fight with 12 year old
misleading political ads
Fake Rick Snyder calls
Eric finds 60 year old kicker debacle
old man picks up mail in the nude
hyperventilating on purpose
homemade airplanes
Last days of John Lennon book Ken Sharp
Oprah goes camping
Junior seau over the cliff
Bieber quotes

new additions to Bob Probert book
Brett Favre masseuses come forward
Lake Orion UAW Workers don want to move to Ohio
Chad Smith(RHCP) new band Bombastic Meat Bats
Clarence Thomas peep shows Mike and girlfriend pounded of at the  toronto planetarium
Bijou theatre message
Bill "Everybody's Cafe"medicinal marijuana being interferred with
Beatles vs Stones book: "The Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones: Sound Opinions on the Great Rock’n’Roll Rivalry"

French workers revolting, Harris poll calls
Bob Guccione dead, Penthouse discussion
Porn in the 70's in mainstream theatres cars with vinyl roofs
buying Playboys in the 60s
teenage Drew and "The Box"
RichRod in trouble
sick of Erin Andrews
Bob Guccione interview replay
Looney tunes "Free Ballin'"
Old guy groping wife at Yankee game
Call to father of obnoxious interferring Yankee fan
More old porn memories
Tigers sign Brandon Inge

2010-10-22 Bestof
Mikes Karate lesson
Call to The Prince
Woman inspireed by Kim Catrall to have sex with 1000 guys, Jason  the wind-up merchant
Sara and The  Bachelor call with William the voicebox guy from Nashville
81 yr old marathon participant with catheter
Erics stand up
School teacher on Jeopardy twice, Trebek Billy Mays, Letterman autotune
Old lady beats off bear
Chad Smith(RHCP) new band Bombastic Meat Bats
David Bowie wanking in subway station

Roger Waters concert
Airline horror stories
abandoned underwear in stadium toilets-Elderly Drew realizes he was Dr Disgusto all along!
Probert book coke stories
Kenny 80 yr old with experimental plane crashes
Does the movie industry help Michigan
amusing political ads
Angels night gangs ad
Roger Waters concert contd
Hasselhoff divorce
Transvestite nikki araguz gets raped
hypothetical shit and tranny discussions with Jimmy Carter

Severe storms coming
Mickey Mantle the womanizer
Bob Probert book
Jimmy Carters diary
Jimmy Carter interview
Who was the hottest first lady
Cliff Notes theatre Coach Carter
Keith Richards Rolling Stones book
amusing political ads
Mickey Mantle molested
Jimmy Carter interview replay
knots and the metric system

Charlie Sheens New York hijinks
Drew likes heroin addict with big cans on WDIV defenders
Devils night Harris poll
Keith Richards Rolling Stones book
Charlie Sheens New York hijinks
Is 2 1/2 Men funny?

Mort Crim is a hero(?)
Drunk driver tries to sneak away from fatal accident
DUI stories
Voters dissatisfied with Obama
Mort Crim is a hero(?) cont'd
Captain Hindsight from South Park
Kat VonD
Athletes worse after rehab
Listening to  2 1/2 Men
10 minute a day listener hates Drew and Mike

Chris L. Rucker
Drew gets his dog spayed, dogs in heat
Looney Tunes:You Chesty Thing
Tabloid news:Adam Lambert, Lisa Marie, Prince Harry's girlfriend Camilla,Bieber
woman protests cheerleaders at hockey games, talk to scottish guy
hot weather chicks
Stump the staff for Pistons tickets

Football talk
Gay per view with a new line
20/20 Kids on heroin
Drews birthday
Johnny Knoxville Hillbilly documentary "The White family of West Virginia"
Led Zeppelin on tour book
taxes and voting
Looney Tunes:Doin it doggy style
Drews dogs neutered update
Bad Adam Sandler movies
Annes Vegas weekend

Burnt out on political ads
Kid farting on school bus
Lottery winner curses
Surprise guest Mr Methane
Attempts to call SF Giants
first time voters
Adam Carolla book on pussification of men
Randy Moss let go

Election fallout
Ricky Martin on Oprah
Mickey Mantle author The Last Boy by Jane Levy
more politics- phrases you're sick of hearing
Sparky seriously ill
calling the San Francisco Jacks and Bijou theatre neighbours
16 and pregnant discussion white trash documentaries
Jane Levy replay

Sparky news
Heather Mills the wallet sniffer & Paul Mccartney biography
Jeff Dunham ventriloquist
aweful Bob Hope jokes
Daylight savings time,halloween safety and spoiled kids
Best Cry Ever songs
Heather Starlet porn press release
Channel 7 already wring Sparky off
Heather Mills songs Get the leech out of my life
Bobby Bowden interview
Cliff notes theatre "The Program"

Death of Sparky Anderson
Ray and Pete movie update
Listeners hate Best cry ever
Dave Attell
spoiled kids revisited, teen parties
call to Chick in 60's sleeps with 200 guys in 2 years-scottish guy answers
Drews encounter at the convenience store
Shannon Doherty book interview
muscle Juice Head in Love with himself video
Kids having parties for every occasion

Lions loss to NYjets
Who do you blame for Lions loss
scamming seniors, email scams
Drews drunken convenience store clerk revisited
Drews dogs neutered update
Chinese boy disguised as old white man
Drew Stanton interview
Molested brothers on Oprah

Conans return
Jackson family Oprah interview
fake news anchor banter
ignoring voicemail and texting
kids with cellphones
Joey at the UM game
letter from woman with perfect kids-mike thinks they were spankin it
call to lottery winning adult book store
Drews baseball team goes to adult bookstore
Lewis Black book call-Leprechaun sighting
Stafford out-Will the Lions need a new QB?

Conan talk
Drew hates DirecTV
Jason Schwarzman
Edmund Fitzgerald
Mikes dad played horseshoes with Dizzy dean
call to old guy who can't read the MLB baseball  stats on the television
listeners screwed by DirecTV
Mikes Kindle

rash of tires flying off cars
trying to pay for a 1-900 phone call with Jose canseco
call to Bobbitt
Mikes camp stories
call Norm McDonald
call Rain Wilson
This day in history
Rich Rod computer voice cartoons
call to Bobbitt replay
Kwame Kilpatrick lawsuits, bribes and whistle blowers
18yr old rape/14 yr old suicide
teasing Mike about his Kindle

tabloid news: Travolta gay, Whoopi & Janet Jackson vs Oprah,molested twins,Billy Ray Cyrus splits from slutty wife
Rich Rod computer voice cartoons
Jeff Daniels call
Eminem in Rolling Stone
song:Tenacious D The Sax man
Alto Reed Bob Seger saxophone
Jersey Shore Angelina's rap debut song
John Bobbitt football predictions
Kennedy assassination book
Natalie from the disabled Carnival cruise

Drew and hot sauce
Lions loss to Buffalo
Kid Rock USA today article
Ted Nugent song for first day of hunting season
Adopted daughters boyfriend kills parents in Yale
Rachel Uchitel article in Daily Mail
airport body searches
Linda Lovelace, Aretha
John Bobbitt Bills game gloating
Exorcism conference
recap of bad Doors show in Michigan

scaled kids 911 call
3yr old airport search
Christmas lights budget cuts
Billy Cox band of gypsies call
Leon Hendrix
Tim Meadows call
Conan talk
medical maijuana article
Stump the staff Jimi Hendrix

new Jimi Hendrix album and discussion about bootlegs
Red Wings Honda giveaway controversy
Antoine Dodson "hide yo husbands cuz they rapin everybody"
Marks hair stylist
large areola tattoos
airport body searches
Stump the staff
car chase

When celebrities mate Chas Bono
Tigers fake op-ed piece
Mike saw a guy shooting up heroin
guy who sawed off his arm AAron Lee Ralston
GM stock ipo
car chase replay
Eva Longoria divorce

tabloid news:Prince Charles secret gay lovers,Miley Cyrus slutting out, Willow Palin pregnancy scare,     Biebers dad
People magazine letters: Kelsey Grammer divorce,Kanye West diamond teeth,
Jessica Simpson father article
Cherry Vanilla groupie book
Tigers fake op-ed piece Mike and Mike interview
Herman Moore call
Village Person GI Alexander Briley
Beatles on itunes
Mike and Mike interview replay

Drews Ann Arbor pharmacy on gameday nightmare
Manoogian mansion party speculation
Biebers music award , song:which Backstreet Boy's gay
Eric at the Norm McDonald show
Mike Myers the gay Nascar fan
Eric tries to explain Nascar
JFK assassination and Michael hutchence anniversary
Charlie Sheen's porn star on good morning america

Manoogian mansion party investigation
92 yr old Ralph McConnell flies on his birthday
Yale murder case-Michigan Murders
no hype for Ohio State game
Mikes former co-worker Bill with the Colostomy bag
Oprah car giveaway
Lee Majors call
old tv shows
Colostomy bag revisited
Stump the staff Kid Rock

Mike trapped in his garage
DWTS finale
Holiday spending
Yale murders
Kwame discussion and Looney tune:Y'all boy
Mikes trapped phone message
car salesman sends wiener pics to customer
Farmington hills ponzi scheme
UM OSU game talk

2010-11-25 BEST OF THAnksgiving
Shauna Sand
Brother puts sisters hookup list on facebook
Guido from
woman too fat to ride fitness club bicycle
Barry Williams ex-girlfriend call-guy punches 91yr old at Rie-aid-Brett Favre southern belle answers
Silverdome memories
Bob Boners Thanksgiving
Erics crush on Johnny Knoxville
16 and pregnant
Fart wars Drew and his brother
woman terrorized by wild turkey
Stress hates thanksgiving
guy takes a dump at a CVS
factory worker tries to have sex with turkey

2010-11-26 BEST OF
Nancy tennis player lawsuit
Purleen southern girl defends brother biting neighbour
Mick Wall Led Zeppelin book
call to Edgewater Inn Led Zeppelin fish incident
magdalenea in Las Vegas: Jesus on toilet sticker
George Klein Elvis book call-Elvis discussion
"fag" and novelty songs
Lou Holtz call
Larry King Sharon Tates sister

Leslie Nielsen dead
Rich Rod stay or go poll
Lonesome kicker parody
Obama's basketball accident
John Wayne Gacy movie Dear Mr Gacy
new Manoogian mansion theory
Tiger Woods 1yr later
Letters to the editor TSA

remembering Brian's story
Boise state kicker hate on internet
call to spider man play viewers-crazy gardener
Richard Dreyfuss call
Chia Bush
Cliff notes theatre: "Monster"
Thanksgiving parade and putting up Christmas decorations
Conyers III gets SUV stolen
Cliff notes theatre: "Monster" replay
Mikes Karate USA story

Lebron vs Miami coach
Woman who tattoos nipples
Intervention and keyboard cleaner Whipits
Nurses and guys weiners
JLo sex tapes
Efron fart
freezing federal worker benefits
Jane Fonda call
Angelique calls in-is RichRod gone?

Biebers emmy nomination
Tiger Woods slut Jocelyn James call
Wikileaks-overreliance on technology?
new Celebrity rehab survivor quitters
pyramid schemes
extending unemployment
Michael Shannon from HBO's Boardwalk Empire
Conyers III Escalade
Tiger Woods slut #2 Jamie Jungers call
Lebron returns to Cleveland

Lebron returns to Cleveland recap
Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin auction
Ron Santos death
Miley Cyrus nude pics
Tabloid news:Taylor Swift, Travolta, Sheens whore, Eva Longoria tattoo/pizza slice pubes,Whitney Houston Carnie Wilson fat
Bizarre RichRod/Josh Groban display at UM banquet
Aretha mystery surgery
callers from Toledo
Mikes inflatable penis
Mike Walters chicken bone in throat story

John Lennon death-Monday Night Football, Chapman interview
Lions loss Drew Stanton recap
Michigan bowl game situation
Sunday TV:Mad Men and the Walking Dead, 60 minutes
Mr Skin 2010 awards
RichRod's embarassing display video-UM outdoor hockey
mascot fights
Crazy Randy Quaid
Granholm's husband
Drews little league #107
Bowl game speculation
Don Meredith dead

Don Meredith
John Edwards dying wife
Mikes funhouse mirror story
Drews pot bust and classic cars
the tree truck guy writes a book
book "the day John lennon died" call
balloon boy update balloon boys boy band
HBO painful sex-Drews dog diaper update
today in history
Naonka from Survivor call
Norway flasher video
Michael Jackson's adopted white family on Oprah

today in history
Kid Rock calls
Erin Cummings from Detroit 187
lost Lennon interview
ogling Whitney Port Maxim shoot-teens getting pregnant to be on teen mom
Susan Holmes-Mckagan from Married To Rock
athletes selling their memorabilia
trying to contact Bobbitt about the heavy snow in Buffalo

the demise of bookstores
drunken celebrities
Aretha's weird life and her house of skank-Mikes Porta-john
Steve McQueens penis pics
Michael Jackson's adopted white family collaboration CD played
second attempt:trying to contact Bobbitt about the heavy snow in Buffalo FAIL
call to donut shop clerk who thought she saw the Skelton kids
Islam convert construction worker plot
new stranded Alaska cruise ship
call to guy who chose train conducter job over NY Jets
Clarence Clemons calls
Yoko's singing

Miami companions Detroit prostitution ring
slippery roads
Enquirer gets good scoops
Aretha Franklins friend mad at Huel Perkins and media looking for negativity
new pics of Steve McQueens and DiMaggio penis, Pete Rose's tiny weiner
Mickey Redmond: "The big chill" hockey game at UM stadium
charle and camilla attacked
anal penetration on high school wrestling match
Celebrity rehab and Rachel Uchitel's tight pants
Gene Simmons call
white crimes/black crimes
Dennis Hoff from the bunny ranch

Blizzard talk-superdome collapse
Lions big win
people lining up for free Giants/Vikings tickets
UM Dave Brandon interview
Dennis Hoff's virginity auction
Tabloids: Kelsey Grammer's sex tape blackmail, Kate Middleton's drunkenpast, Josh Duhamel airplane ejection
Charles Manson's cell phone friend book
Dennis Hoff's virginity auction call to Jennifer Jane
World football league
free tickets being scalped

life story of Best cry ever guy
Christmas Looney tune Walking round in women's underwear
Earl the Pearl monroe talks about diabetes


Christmas Looney tunes Kashmir CD screwed up
guy from Florida school board  shooting
Yale murder 911 calls

famous Larry King gaffes
Florida school board shooting purse lady
Christmas Looney tunes :Garcias
Yale murder 911 calls, aweful 911 operator
Christmas Looney tunes :Ironman Santa
Tabloid news: Carrie Fisher outing Travolta, Scarlett Johannson divorce,James T Girth
William Forsythe Gacy movie call
Christmas Looney tunes :Michael Jackson ,Beavis, ACDC Jingle Hells Bells
Ray Manzarek call

2010-12-20 Best of
butt implants
celebrity hairdresser Jonathan Anton "Blow out" call
Christmas Looney tunes "ladys night"
Ike Turner
radio Prize pigs
calls to Houston most overweigh city-Drew impersonates operator Janelle, fattest guy/girl you did
trying to call college football players OSU vs Miami Larry Coker Ken Dorsey, corn row pubes
call to Pizzeria workers in Ireland watching porn
miss mena ,"this is my fantasy"muscle Juice Head in Love with himself video guy videos
Club bounce-club for fat chicks
Mr Stress-price stickers, non personalized Christmas letters,
Gaylen Crane arrow in ass burglar
Gary from Georgia-USA today about NBA players carrying weapons
Model trips at Ford Fiesta reveal

2010-12-21 Best of
Beavis and Butthead Christmas
Jasmine from flight 253-call to her dad
song about Mike's flying
Dysfunctional family christmas
Heidi Montag's album bombs call to Walmart-checking out a strip club website*
call to neighbours of guy playing loud John Denver music-Chad the stoner
Tenacious D "I want"
Zachary's $96 Rambo remake
John Edwards pimp soundclips
Call to "Kurt" and "Brenda" Warner
Christmas Looney tunes "Ditch a friend"
Liberace museum closing
"Lips" from Anvil-heavy metal documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil
Dick Cavett on Larry King
guy who put rocket on sled

2010-12-22 Best of
"Larry Flynt" & cliff notes theatre
incinerator toilet incinolet
Chad Smith(RHCP) new band Bombastic Meat Bats
call to guy who flipped the bird in passport photo- Clara the maid and Drew's secret love child*
calll to dealership Kevin Federline stiffed-how do slobs end up with celebrity chicks
guy gets testicles gored running of the bulls
Mother of guy who went crazy in a Burger King parking lot
guys crying on television
shaved heads and haircuts

2010-12-23 Best of
Charlotte Gee the high maintenance nudist
pilot going from pole to pole
tattoed guy with thong on bicycle
Gary Hoey
Mikes bad website pic
"Nick Saban"
The Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Scarlett Johansson Farts, I Pooped On Santa's Lap
Count David wimp +1+1
stump Mike "Friends" version
Ray and Pete
Christmas calls to celebrities
Christmas music on too eearly, Drews generosity

2010-12-24 Best of
debate between Bill O'Reilly and David Letterman
Mr Methane Christmas
Melvin Whipple- house with 108000 lights
Chuck Gaidica discusses Drew and Mikes dislike of Christmas music
Chris fined $47000 for having Santa Clauses at his business
Travis Collins decorates neighbours houses with Christmas lights
Mikes broken promises
Political Correct-ness and Christmas
Guys Christmas lights knock out electricity
Salvation Army Santa gets punched out
 Christmas with Butt Mike
Lewd holiday songs "Rated X-mas"
Calls to Santa and Jesus
Mayor Roy Castle sells town's(Castlewood) Christmas decorations
Mr Stress Christmas
Call to real Santa

2010-12-27 Best of
70yr old John Ragonese beats off teenagers with baseball bat
Tommy Lee stories-whatever happened to "rockstar" lifestyle
parties for spoiled brats, 'purity balls' for virgins
"Them beans"
mark zupan  the quadriplegic "Murder ball"
George sookey's penny collection and his over sensitive wife
watching a police chase
calling the San Francisco Jacks and Bijou theatre neighbours nov 3 2010*
Righteous Rick and the righteous rumble
Jim Hughes Ufo Fragment For Sale for $9 Million
guy saw his dad's uncirced weiner

2010-12-28 Best of
Scott Weiland's ex-wife's book
STP Sour girl live
Sex-ed films-homosexual warning films- Mikes gotta knock it down story*
nude models banned in Scottish high school call-arguing with janitor
how many farts actually stink?
78 yr old woman gets black belt
Jim Bentley goes to Lady Gaga concert-going to embarassing concert
guys getting penises stuck in things, remembering Bobbitt
speculating on the Flight 188 missed landing, homo-ing out?
Harris poll: sex better with older people
drunk guy in Las Vegas, Schwarzenegger drops
viewing nude Sting pics

2010-12-29 Best of
kid drives moms car onto Lake St Clair and it sinks through the ice, then goes to bed-wrecking mom/dads car stories
book "what's my pee telling me"
fake Ozzy calls in-Drew's "public eye license" idea
Lauren from "Rear Gear" pet butthole covers
pilot John Prendergast gets lost and almost takes out 747
guy with big weiner
chicks getting farts in the face
woman takes a dump but gives birth
peein bandit leaving urine in the WRIF toilets
Normandy Nessie- monster in Florida canal
guys showing off their "base" with new lowrider jeans
Larry King screwups

2010-12-30 Best of
guy who recycles and uses dog poop for methane gas
Charles Rogers drunk driving accident - DUI talk
mike nude lookalike
Cliff notes theatre sex scenes "right there"
Looney tune "Bowel move"
sexual enhancement drugs
Tony the oldest living crochety major leaguer-Mr methane singalong
Behind the Bell-Screech's book
Eric finds 60 year old kicker debacle (Oct19,2010)
Mike screws a girl in the woods
Stump the staff while Joey's asleep
caller wants to know what atm is

2010-12-31 Best of
Tina lumberjack from survivor
Drew ripped off by bad Bob Dylan DVD "Bob Dylan - World Tours 1966-1974: Through The Camera Of Barry Feinstein"
guy in India gets his weiner stuck in a bolt
girl on Intervention steals moms painkillers-Best Cry ever
WRIF Toilet stuck on flush
smelliest celebrities
Obama "Censored"- Obama farts song
Painter of Pancakes-guy draws celebrities with pancakes
calllers forced to see other guys weiners
Ben the lawnmower driving whore chasing Debbie Downer WWII vet*
Fibre One bars farting experiment -
"The Toilet Bowl Cleaners" songs
Staff members "birthday times"

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