Saturday, July 2, 2011


Open water movies, Casey Anthony trial update
Quentin Tarantino's sex email revisited, J-Lo's kid takes a dump in her pool, more of the Open water movies
Drew likes a hot purse snatcher

Charlie LeDuff prowling like a tiger on John Conyers yard
background on the Hogan family, call with Linda Hogan about her book
Charlie Sheen admits to taking steroids, Don Kelly's pitching debut
Enquirer catches Chris Hansen cheating on film, today in history: Cliff notes theatre Apollo 13
Alex Avilla phones in about the Tigers
call to Buzz Aldrin's wife
Drew disappointed to find Quentin Tarantino's sex email writer is a 2-bagger
call with Jordan: shipping himself across the country in a crate(NOT!) to raise awareness for PTSD
Hayden Panetierre caught tasting her butt

Drew's microphone falls apart, Donkey Fart Interrupts News Interview
why is Real World Puck in trouble ?

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