Friday, February 18, 2011

Charlie Sheen calls Dan Patrick again, Paris Hilton no longer in the news
demise of Borders bookstores,
Seniors Harris poll: taxing michigan pensioners
woman from Ypsilanti ends up on People of Walmart
San Diego weatherman caught jackin' it in window

american idol talk
Walt Frazier book call "Rock steady"
newsflash: Miguel Cabrera DUI
Jerry Stiller call "the Good Wife"
theories on how Miguel Cabrera got his Lamborghini to smoke
John Leguizamo call "vanishing on 7th street"
Cliff notes theatre "Carlito's way"
old 911 call: Miguel Cabrera's wife
more Charlie Sheen hijinks
Delbert "the candyman" McCoy's new book
Miguel Cabrera arrest report

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