Saturday, March 19, 2011


tabloid stuff: too skinny/too fat celebrities, Larry Fortensky foreclosure, Angelina & her brother's creepy makeout sessions, Bachelor widow turns out to be a big slut, Sheen the fake father
March Madness talk, MSU comeback
today in history: WW2 bombers made in Detroit, Mackenzie Phillips' revelation and Drew's fake Larry King interview, Mick Jagger's aweful movie
Bill Burr "Let it go live and uncut"
Larry Sinclair suicide attempt, Pete Rose's slutty new girlfriend

recap of all of Drew's ideas, fun stuff to do with death row inmates
Dave Koechner from the Office
celebrity roasts, Carrot-top is hideous, Jersey Shore
Michigan State game discussion
Christopher Walken call "Kill the Irishman"
can the Michigan film credit situation be fixed

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