Wednesday, May 25, 2011


end of the world didn't happen
Drew reviews the Bob Seger concert, John Entwistle was a big spender
Eric the intern's standup, Tom Mabe's joke bombed
Lindsays Miami nip-slip, Celebrity Apprentice finale, clips from SNL,
Rick Alan, drummer from Def Leppard calls about new live album

raggin on Apprentice Bill Rancik
Orson Welles' drunken wine commercial

Looney tune "bowel move"
"Oprah memories"=celebs kissing her butt
elderly rock stars, top 70 Dylan songs
Heidi Klum calls about "Clashof the commercials"
today in history
Drew's review of "Limitless" and "take me home tonight"
call to end of the world guy Adam

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