Sunday, August 14, 2011


today in history: Ghostbusters theme #1
Alex Trebek's hotel burglar story sounds fake, Mike thinks she was a discount escort, Drew thinks Trebek went hoggin'
call to Jessica the grandma: kicked an intruder in the balls

The Dougherty gang
Call to bookstores selling Kwame's book
call to a Walmart where somebody leaves a dump in the shoe aisle every week
pageant brat singing "Cuty Patooty", Warren Jeffs jackin it 15x/day in jail, guy urinates on 11yr old on an airplane
Silverdome memories, web memories, Drew shows Mike Lemonparty and 1guy 1jar
stock market going down the toilet, Tia Skinner murder trial
guy popping zits on his back outside a McDonald's, more on the Dougherty gang

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