Monday, January 31, 2011


Trudy's out sick,amusing themselves withthe Michael Jordan Gatorade commercial, Jrsey Shore
remembering the Challenger disaster-transcript real or fake?
Suzanne somers aweful plastic surgery

Charlie Sheen spinning out, AGAIN
call to "Ted Williams"
Michael Imperioli Detroit 187, "The hungry ghost"
we're in a serial killer slump, going to museums
remembering challenger, MLK, JFK, RFK
reading the challenger transcript,  challenger jokes
revitalizing downtown, Charlie Sheen dragging CBS down
Oj Baba booey call, Espn 3030 Bronco chase special
crazy Paula Abdul and Jackie Jackson's steamy love affair, Aguielera spinning out, Elin Woods toy boy, Biebers dad coming out of the woodwork
American idol talk

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