Friday, June 17, 2011


Bestselling author Kwame to appear in court, U2's Spider Man play a flop
Chas Bono talk: will a glue on penis/vag ever be technologically possible?
Call to "Congressman Weiner", excerpts from Steve-O's biography
Barbara Sinatra calls in about her book, Phil Hartman as Sinatra on SNL

Drew's newest best buddy "Chas" Bono calls in
Hef's playmate fiancee dumps him for Dr Phil's douchey son, Verlander's 2-hitter
replay of call to "Congressman Weiner"
top 26 most hated sports teams, Dallas Cowboys team video parody, Eric williams how to do a lotta bitches without getting sued parody
Looney tune: "sax man"
Kenny Wayne Shepherd  in studio

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