Tuesday, June 28, 2011


new season of Celbrity(sic) rehab, U2's Lansing concert review, Rolling Stones fanzine and gossip
jeremy jackson and Steven Adler on Celebrity Rehab, Sparky's tribute at Comerica park
dud calls to Mini Person and Cathy Westmoreland  from the Mojo magazine Elvis article, the many loves of Elvis, Cybill Shepherd teaches Elvis how to be a cunning linguist, Natalie Wood's hygiene problems*
Casey Anthony trial update, D&M sick of the Kardashian's wealth
Fireworks displays will suck due to cutbacks, gun goes off at Gibraltar gun show
Sparky's tribute at Comerica park: Dan Petry's great speech
Casey Anthony getting fan mail and proposals
Qadaffi's son failed attempt at a soccer career
Bristol Palin book excerpts
Michael Lohan calls about Celebrity Rehab, D&M play him the Amy Fisher porno
Bachelor Bentley returning, the shocking discovery that Vincent "Forever love" Jame' phone has been disconnected
clips from the U2 concert

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