Friday, April 8, 2011


Kwame on the friends and family jail plan
Bristol Palin getting paid to promote abstinence, Looney tune: "I am Palin, hear me roar"
Drew on a new Martin Scorcese book and JFK jr's ex-girlfriend's tell-all, comments on the Kennedy mini-series
alternate endings to the Kennedy saga
Donald trump running for president? birther controversy
John Daly's ex-wife Sherrie Daly tell-all book call
Drew and Mark's road rage, Billy Mays auto-tune
more of Donald trump the birther on Today show
Zooey Deschanel "Your Highness"
getting freaked out by seeing porn the first time, Toilet Bowl Cleaners "Zooey Deschanel Poops"
Looney tune: "I am Palin, hear me roar" again
call from Scott Stapp of Creed, Looney tune:"my mouth's not open"
Jack Nicklaus bi? likes touching dudes' stomachs
"Don't say uh" for Bill Burr tickets
another Japanese earthquake

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