Monday, April 18, 2011


Drew enchanted by Playmate and Karina Smirnoff's racks, Mike's checking for bush, Kendra Wilkinson is annoying
Casey Anthony trial, Shaun Gayle murder of his girlfriend
Kwame's racist hissy fit in Philadelphia over being assigned white police for security
20/20, Dateline special on the murder of Shaun Gayle's girlfriend
Mickey Redmond on the Wings being ahead 2-0
Sugar Ray Leonard calls about his Dancing with the Stars experience
Drew and Mike wishes there was a flat tax, Paul Allen hates Bill Gates, Leslie Stahl trolling for a millionaire to hump
Terrence Howard on his Law and Order LA appearance
Terrence playing Al Cowlings leads to listening to some OJ clips
Lenny Dykstra: genius investor to broke criminal
monitoring the freak snowfall
Mickey Redmond's cell phone going off on channel 4

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