Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Masters golf drama
penis pics parody "Perspectives" from SNL
Looney tune: "I am Palin, hear me roar"

opening day at Drew's mom's seniors home(eh boy)
Detroit Symphony Orchestra strike is over(crickets), Kwame's bodyguard tell-all book, Matty Moroun's bridge doubletalk, Iraq war extension
ICP parody on SNL
update on the Kid Rock's cruise of debauchery , Jen Sterger to have a 2 part interview on GMA: leads to viewing Favre penis pics which sends Eric rocketing into the studio
Eric overhead using bad pickup lines, why would you pay Paris Hilton an $100000 appearance fee?
Looney tune: "I am Palin, hear me roar"
Top 10 song mysteries solved, interpreting "in the air tonight", scream on "Love Rollercoaster"
Qadaffi's nurse tell-all, Burka banned in France

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