Saturday, July 9, 2011


butthole bombers and stinky vages
Casey Anthony jurors explaining their stupidity
guy decapitated in fireworks mishap, Drew tries to pull his head off(much to Trudi's amusement)
Drew saying "in July" leads to listening to the endlessly amusing Orson Welles commercial reads
Roy Williams wants his $76000 wedding ring back
call to husband of Grandma who beat her Grandson with garden hose for eating too much bacon*
call to mother-in-law from hell who wrote viral email about manners
call to blind guy who played with U2: Drew thinks he's faking it
Joey Kocur calls about his celebrity charity softball game
more and more illegitimate children
Jeff Garland calls in about Curb your enthusiasm, Conan, the Cusack brothers
watching the Casey Anthony sentencing, dreading the upcoming book of lies, parallels with Kwame
Juror 3's interview
Charlie LeDuff's story on attacks on seniors, Mark F's pool party
Saudi Arabian women getting driver's licenses
Campusss Martiusss Bissstro reopensss
Drew wants to sever the ligament in his dong to make it longer

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