Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011-07-12 Best of

Mullet expert Jennifer calls about her movie "American Mullet", the best of Wesley Willis
Harris poll on the new Georgia state flag
Dick Holden: Has dined at over 11000 McDonalds
call to guy who called 911 about his stolen pot plants
Looney toon "Funky stench" Drew's heinous fart
call about Lake Como Family Nudist Resort's nudist tennis tournament
the dark side of Yanni
call to guy who left a dump in a napkin at a restaurant
call with Ed McMahon who interviews himself
Jim Bartek has listened do the same Judas Priest album for 400 days in a row
swingers Todd & Elena, crab combs
guy who stuck a pencil in his penus leads to a conversation with a heavy phone exhaler, the original  heavy phone exhaler

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