Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am discontinuing this blog due to lack of interest.  I only get 4 or 5 visits a day so it’s really not worth it.  Frankly I’m getting sick of what the show has become.  Endless discussion of Teen mom, Dancing with the stars,  and the Bachelor is not what drew me to the show back in 1994. It must be hard to fill 4 hours a day but I can’t help but think they’ve completely lost touch with their core audience.  For instance I have never watched American Idol or the Bachelor nor have any of my friends, or any of their  friends. I have never heard a Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken song played on WRIF either so what is the point of discussing it for hours every week.  They also say they hate created celebrities like the Kardashians, Lohan, Snooky and their ilk yet continue to talk about them ad nauseum . The other members add nothing including Mark ”Press AV5, PressAV4”  Fellhauer  (whose sole purpose seems to be to shoehorn lame sound drops to the point of distraction) Trudi the news prep service reader .  They also seem to relish making fun of other peoples looks, yet Drew looks like a 50 year old homeless man that doesn’t own any clothes that aren’t sports related  and Mike Clark looks like a post-menopausal-lesbian.

Friday, February 3, 2012


neverending Bichara murder news and callers'  irresponsible speculation
Tim Allen's old cocaine bust, Big Bob's sex dungeon
Don Folsom calls about his Richard Nixon book, LBJ's bunghole/scat fixation
Teen Mom recap
Groundhog Day movie clips, Mike the glutton's giant breakfast
Jennifer Granholm's tv show is terrible
Jason Mews calls

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hank Winchester calls about the Grosse Point Park murder
rembering Ted Patchell, Mike's nightmare landlord
Bichara murder news and callers'  irresponsible speculation
Randall, narrator of the infamous Honey badger video calls

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Grosse Point Park murder irresponsible speculation
funny scene from Jan & Dean Dead Man's Curve Movie
jwow from jersey shore calls
looney tune Avril Lavigne Constipated, Drew sickened by the Kardashians(yet continues to watch)
excerpts from a new Nixon book on his relationship with 'Bebe' Rebozo
new Bichara murder news and callers'  irresponsible speculation
Tom Arnold calls
Sara Michelle Gellar calls
Drew amused by the "Honey badger" youtube video
feedback on the know-it-all caller


new findings in Grosse Point Park murder: callers & irresponsible speculation
Hank Winchester calls about the Grosse Point Park murder
last nights Bachelor
Monica from the Bachelor calls
Focano's cronies upset over revoked contracts, kiddy porn found on pediatrician's computer
list of the richest US presidents, pain-in-the-ass anti-scalping rules for Bruce Springsteen, article on the odd life of David Bowie
callers complaining about getting bad tickets for Bruce Springsteen
wacky Super Bowl bets

2012-01-28 best of

callers:do old people's dumps smell worse?
call to a father whose teenage daughter did work experience at Hooters
collection of Mikes putrid farts
call to 80 yr old Josephine: won $10million on a nickel slot machine
wakeup calls to Michael Vick, Matt Hasselback, Tom Brady, Chad Johnson, Tory Holt
wakeup calls to Drew Brees, Tony Romo
letter from the mother of a childwho had a stroke who responded to ButtMike
cliff notes theatre: American history X
call to Kirby the  cheerleader: busted for dancing too erotically
top 50 Rockstar meltdowns
crank yankers calls


story on N.Y. teenagers with tics
cliff notes theatre "Erin Brockovich"
illegal immigrants in Arizona, Arizona governor finger-pointing brouhaha, Grosse Point Park murder
Vinny returns to Jersey Shore
attempting to call Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky, remembering splooge-gate
Darren McCarty calls about Hardcore Pawn
Drew befuddled by DTE customers protesting being shut off for not paying